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We at CleanSweep Campaigns join the chorus of Americans demanding change from police departments and policy makers to tackle racism and eliminate police brutality in our country.


We need change, and we need it now.


But pledging to be part of the solution is not enough. We must take action – in the short term and the long term – to make the fundamental changes necessary to erase the stains of the history of racism in our nation.


First, our firm created the Social Justice and Inclusion Committee which is comprised of staff and management of CleanSweep Campaigns and our sister firm Props and Measures to bring broader ideas and new perspectives to the table and to begin to move the dial to be more inclusive as a firm.


Second, our firm will work harder to let it be known that racial justice is part of our core values. We have a reputation of winning elections to advance causes such as health care access, environmental justice, economic equality, choice and LGBTQ rights. Racial justice must become a prominent member of that list. Our firm will do a better job of making it so. We encourage everyone who works in the world of campaigns to do the same.


Third, our firm is committed to taking part in mobilization efforts to promote racial justice. This work will take the form of offering pro bono services to Black Lives Matter-related organizations, allocating hours for staff to do pro bono work during the week and partaking in calls to action that lead to progress on equality issues.


Finally, we are committed to supporting organizations involved with important causes. Our most recent donations were to The Innocence Project (, Color of Change ( and Grassroots Law ( We encourage everyone to join us in donating to these groups and others that promote equality and justice.


We hope you’ve been as inspired as we are by so many people, organizations and businesses committing to play a part in the change we need. Let’s keep it going.

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