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CleanSweep Campaigns is a full-service consulting firm that provides top notch service, years of campaign expertise, cutting-edge creative, advanced data and analytics and much more. 


Our team specializes in general consulting, persuasion direct mail, land use outreach campaigns, and digital media. Our record of victories demonstrates that we will dedicate the creativity, commitment and determination needed for you or your organization to succeed.

Persuasion Direct Mail

(Candidates, Independent Expenditures, Ballot Measures and Member-to-Member Communication)

Direct mail has become an even more valuable tool in the world of campaign communication. With digital targeting and persuasion metrics still evolving, TV systems fragmented and viewers cutting the cord and skipping commercials, mail remains a highly effective way to get your message into the hands of the exact voters you need to reach. 


The partners at CleanSweep Campaigns have more than 30 years of experience producing the most creative, hard-hitting and persuasive mail in the business. Our creative approach will make your pieces stick out in a crowded mailbox and draw voters in to read your messaging. We produce mail uniquely developed for your campaign, and utilize first-rate design, concise writing, high level targeting and flawless production to give your mail the biggest impact when it reaches voters’ hands. 


(Candidates and Ballot Measures)

Candidates and ballot measure committees have trusted CleanSweep Campaigns for decades with the most important job on every race – building and running the campaign operation from beginning to end.


We start our general consulting (GC) work by taking the time to get a deep understanding of your background, your values and the change you want to bring to your community. Then we use that information to develop an extensive campaign plan. Our plans include a detailed budget, timeline, research, polling, paid communication goals, endorsement approach, digital outreach and grassroots strategy. Finally, we set up a campaign structure to implement our plan. 


We know from years of experience that general consulting takes dedication. That’s why we limit the number of GC clients we take every cycle. As our client, we will be there for you as we guide the campaign through the thousands of steps it takes to win. 

general consulting


(Local Referenda, Initiatives and Public Awareness Campaigns)

Housing, transportation infrastructure and economic development have become critical issues to the future of our communities. The partners at CleanSweep Campaigns have worked for decades to build voter support for high-quality, sustainable local development proposals. We’ve also led opposition campaigns against projects that would do more harm than good. Some of our clients include affordable housing providers, major league sports teams, community groups, a private college, retail shopping centers and private developments of transit-friendly and infill commercial, residential and office proposals.  


In recent years, it has become common for land use projects to be subject to voter approval due to the relatively small number of signatures required to qualify a local referendum or initiative for the ballot. We’ve been in the middle of this growing campaign trend over the last 20 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Our invaluable experience has taught us which benefits to highlight and how to effectively communicate them through paid and earned media to persuade voters to support and pass our clients’ proposals.


(Candidates, Independent Expenditures,
Ballot Measures and Member-to-Mem
ber Communication)

Digital outreach and social media advertising have grown exponentially in recent years, and they now play a significant role in any modern campaign. CleanSweep Campaigns helps our clients elevate their digital and social media presence and increase their reach. We coordinate advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other platforms using the latest targeting tactics. For example, our team merges voter file data with social media tools to ensure we’re reaching likely voters online. Most importantly, we integrate our digital media with our offline persuasion efforts to touch voters through multiple channels using a consistent message. 


CleanSweep Campaigns can also take the lead in designing your website or microsite and make it reflect your unique brand while looking different from other campaigns. 

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